Camps & Conferences

We are proud to offer a variety of camp related faith development opportunities. Most of the camps we attend are at Camp Christian in Chouteau, OK, although sometimes we do venture to Central Christian Camp in Guthrie, OK, or to Camp Texoma on Lake Texoma.

Camp information

Camp Christian and other Disciples venues are going to provide many memorable experiences for our youth. April 15 is the deadline to register and take advantage of discounted rates. FCC will only pay for the discounted registration fees. Any late registrations will be the responsibility of the camper's family.

For Current camp Dates, Fees & Forms, please visit

During the fall, winter, and spring there are various weekend retreats for both Chi Rho (6th-8th grade) and CYF (9th-12th grade). During the summer we have week-long camping experiences for youth and children in grades 2-12. The congregation of First Christian Church tries to provide financial support for all campers.

To find out more about our primary campground, Camp Christian, visit: