Is there Childcare? What happens with my Children and Youth? – There is a nursery available for infants to pre-k (?) from when you get to church until after the worship service. We have a Sunday School class for grades K-5 and Sunday School classes for grades 6-8 and 9-12. All children in Kindergarten and above are more than welcome to join us in the worship service where we have activity bags as well as a corner of the Sanctuary with books and activities for our younger worshipers.

What is Sunday morning like? – We have a mostly traditional service. The service starts with praise as we gather ourselves in worship. We move into proclamation, where we hear the weekly sermon and focus on God's love and grace and how we can better bring God's good news to the world. After the sermon, we move towards the Table, the central part of our worship service each week. As we prepare to go to the Table together, we take a moment in the service to fellowship together and hear how we can work to make a difference in our community and beyond. The culmination of each weekly service is the Celebration of Holy Communion.

Tell me more about Communion. Can only members participate? – The table is open to all! Our denomination was founded in part on a belief that this table is God's table and not ours, and God calls and loves everyone, so we make sure that everyone is free to come forward and share in communion together.

Do I need to be in my "Sunday Best" in order to worship with you? – Not at all! Dress in a way that is comfortable to you. You will notice that some of our members do like to wear their best clothes when coming to worship, but we also have quite a few people in jeans or shorts and t-shirts. Having a heart to make a difference and help others is way more important to us than what you're wearing!

What are the sermons like? – Great question. Take a listen to some of our past sermons from our podcast!

What does the church look like inside? Here is a Virtual Tour you can take right now!

I know someone getting married, do you have weddings? – We do! All the information you need can be found at this link.

And you can even see what our facilities look like from the comfort of your own computer!