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Be Reconciled: Move Together, Heal Together, Bound Together 

How many of us know someone who has gone to their grave with a grudge or lived a significant portion of their lives estranged from loved ones? The impact of the resolve to never give in and to make others wrong in order to be right can live on for generations. Recently, one of our Disciples Care ministries hosted a night of conversation about the history of racial discord in Omaha, Nebraska. The catalyst for the conversation was

the publishing of the book The Rhythm Boys of Central High at the ’68 Racial Divide. Summarily, the book describes the events surrounding the school’s first all-African American basketball team in 1968. The events of the upheaval
that occurred just before the team was to play in the state championship are still felt and seen in Omaha today. In the grant report to Reconciliation Ministry, the event organizers said, “The expres- sions on the faces of the students from all of the area high schools revealed surprise and disbelief as they listened. This event opened the door for conversation to con- tinue with sensitivity and deeper under- standing of the community where we live and serve.”

In our thematic scripture Jesus says: “So when you are offering your gift at the altar, if you remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother or sister, and then come and offer your gift.”(Matthew 5:23- 24, NRSV).

The assumption in the text is that Rec- onciliation is an urgent disposition. The scripture says, before you do anything in worship, before you worship Me with your gifts, be Reconciled. God created us to live harmonious lives with each other. Current events with police-community relations, worshipers being killed in Bible Study, churches burning, and churches providing safe haven of- fer abundant opportunity to move together and heal together as the body of Christ.

Through your generous giving doors are open- ing! When you give to Reconciliation Ministry, you are supporting the development of young leaders, promoting conversation models for congregations and community groups, and enabling Regional granting programs that enliven our camps and congregational ministry. Your giving ultimately restores the beloved community that is “inextrica- bly bound together in a network of mutual- ity,” empowering all of God’s family to be fully whole.

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