It’s More than Just Food

food-pantry.pngBecause of YOU, our church has its own Food Pantry. Because of your outreach dollars, approximately 100 families have been fed and received FCC hospitality over the last 4 months. Because of members volunteering their time to prepare for and serve during distribution, people have left with grateful hearts, sacks full of groceries, and the knowledge that someone cares. Therefore, the Outreach Team and all those who have come through the doors of the Food Pantry say “thank you”.... for bringing the food, for making outreach a priority, and for donating your time. 

Did you know:

• when a guest comes to our Food Pantry, they get to choose their food? 
• they are given enough food for approximately 4 days? 
• we supply 6-7 recipes each month, plus ingredients to make them, to our guests? (they may choose 4 of the 6-7 recipes)
• we are just like Sam’s: we serve samples of two of the month’s recipes for tasting
• they meet with a church member who talks with them, prays with them, and offers our help in ways beyond “just food”?
• your food pantry is open the 3rd Saturday of the month from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm? In October it will be the 18th
• to receive food, a person must make an appointment by calling 918-732-9360, our Food Pantry line, after 6:00 pm, the Monday before distribution day
• there are many volunteers working both on that Saturday and throughout the month?
• your church needs you? To help pick up food at the Food Bank, donate food to the pantry, unpack the grocery sacks of donated food, organize the shelves in the pantry room, assist our guests on distribution day, prepare one of our sample recipes, and the list goes on. 

Thank you, for all that you have done. We are just beginning and there is still lots to do. Come and be blessed as you bless others. 

To become involved, simply contact Carol Lawson at 918-582-8237, or OR Becky Gray, 918-706-0915,, and let them know you want to become involved. 

On Sundays, we offer the following worship services:

9:00 AM — Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary
A classic service featuring our Sanctuary Choir, Holy Communion, congregational singing and our 3,800 pipe organ—all in the transcendent beauty of our sanctuary under the stained glass dome.

11:30 AM — Contemporary Worship in the Fellowship Hall
A casual environment featuring a live band, the teaching of God’s Word, open communion and fellowship. Come find a place to belong on Common Ground!

6:00 PM  The Loft Worship (4th Floor, northeast corner of the Sanctuary building)
A casual gathering on the 4th floor featuring acoustical music, worship and fellowship, preceded by a potluck dinner at 5:30 in East Fellowship Hall. 

Special Services
In addition we traditionally have many special worship services during the year, like a Hanging of the Greens during advent, and Candlelight Christmas Eve services, as well as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter.