“Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!”

I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, so I am more than familiar with The Wizard of Oz and the story of Dorothy scared of what she may encounter on the Yellow Brick Road. Of course, her assumptions were false and the Cowardly Lion of which she was so afraid came to be her companion and friend.

Sometimes we make assumptions about what the Bible says and what certain books of the Bible have to say. Along our Christian journey, we fall prey to common misconceptions about “scary stories” found within sacred scripture and forget that the Word of God is ultimately good news, full of life and hope and peace.

One of the most misinterpreted genres of Biblical writing is the apocalypse. From the Greek word meaning “revelation,” an apocalypse reveals something about God’s plans for us, interpreting our present situation through the lens of a future story. Apocalypses are always vehicles to deliver the message of God’s love to their audiences in the present tense, not in some futuristic fantastical fiction about the end of the world forever – just the end of the world as we know it, and always with hope and good news that gets us through our present troubles.

These apocalyptic books of the Bible are vitally important to us even today, but they are so frequently misinterpreted and their meanings so twisted around that they not only have a lot of baggage we need to unpack when studying them, we often avoid them altogether thinking them full of lions and tigers and bears. As it turns out...

Wednesday evenings beginning August 6, we will have a new Bible study series, Apocalypses Now!, that will help us not be afraid of these books but even learn to appreciate them and understand why they are part of the Bible, understand why and how they reveal God’s good news to all people.

I promise you, this is a study series you don’t want to miss! It will open your eyes to scripture in a new way and move from false fear to understanding and hope in the Lord. Make plans to be a part and invite your friends, because this kind of study is rarely offered at a church. Come and see what good news is revealed in these books of the Bible! (see back page of our newsletter for details)

Soli Deo Gloria,

Rev. Michael Riggs 

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