About Us

We are ordinary people in fellowship with an extraordinary God.

We are sinners, seekers, disciples, servants and stewards connecting in faith God and each other.

We acknowledge an unashamed allegiance to Jesus as Lord and an unwavering acceptance to all who obediently follow Him.

We are part of the Disciples of Christ see: www.disciples.org

Our primary faith conviction is that Jesus is Lord of all life as revealed in Scripture.

His example, teachings, and the writing of the early church shape our faith and define our identity and mission.

In the realm of opinions, where there is no specific Biblical command, we counsel mutual respect while remaining united in essential convictions.

In all things we emphasize that a caring, grace oriented attitude be extended toward all.

We believe we are not to compromise what the Scriptures define as sin but we also believe we are to extend grace to sinners.

The Good News is that everyone matters to God and all who call upon Him through Christ receive a fresh start and new life.

We are pilgrims focused on following Jesus. 

Join us on our journey.

What to expect

Smiles, acceptance, a safe place to believe and belong.

Faith seekers, new believers, and veteran disciples,
each in need of and thankful for
God’s grace and forgiveness.

Worship that touches both head and heart including:
Meaningful music and relevant
Bible messages you can
understand and take with you through the week
The weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper provides a time of
confession and covenant renewal and is open to all Christ followers.

Life is Better with the Living God blessing you.


Is there childcare?

All children are welcome in our worship time. We have a special equipped Children's Room just off the Sanctuary where preschoolers can play.

We also have a Children's Worship Box available when you enter the Sanctuary with a clipboard with coloring and activity pages and a pencil bag with crayons, pencil, and a little treat inside.

What is the worship service like?

It is a combination of traditional music, prayer, and scripture. Care is given to to the various elements of the worship so that people feel a connection with God and each other. We are not liturgical but our service does have a nice order that participants find easy to follow. The music, sermon, and communion are all used to present and affirm the Gospel.

What about attire?

Dress in a manner that you feel respects God. God is more concerned with our hearts than He is with what we wear.

What about the sermons?

Get a sneak peak by checking out our YouTube page here!

What about communion?

All are welcome to join us every Sunday in communion.

What does the church look like inside? 

Take a virtual tour here!